trivial; essential

A hand-printed and hand-bound book, presenting the five photographs of the series ‘trivial; essential’ (2011–2012). Each photograph features a flower that symbolises the theme of that particular photograph, and this flower (with its Latin name) is hand-printed on the spread preceding the photograph, as an introduction. Each photograph also includes a short text describing the essence of the photograph (the essence for the subject depicted that is), and this text is typeset & printed by hand on the left next to the photograph. The book is hardbound, covered with marbled paper (different paper for each book), and features a hand-printed title card with the capitals of the series’ title: Trivial ; Essential (T;E). Made by the artist in 2015, at the Historical Printing Room, Cambridge University Library.

Text typeset & printed by hand using an Albion counterweight letterpress (1827, R.W. Cope) on Daler-Rowney aquarelle paper; flowers hand-printed from dried specimen using printer’s ink; photography prints from digital, inserted using picture corners; final book bound and covered by hand.
LIMITED EDITION OF 5 + 2 AP (book: 29.5×37 cm; prints: 24×30 cm)

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