I, the Photograph

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A selection from the 30 portraits of the series ‘I, the Photograph’ (2013–2014) in which subjects were asked to bring five songs, and were seated in front of a camera and studio light (obscured by large pieces of cloth) while the music played. This setup was an attempt to break the barrier between photographer and subject, to clear the usual impediments (my presence as photographer, the focus on taking the photograph) in order to come closer to capturing the subject’s essence. No names are mentioned, since each person is an anonymised subject in my experimental research.

If we assume the average portrait is a mask (conjured in response to being watched, to meet certain expectations), then how can we capture a glimpse of someone's true self? (A photographic quest for the 'most honest' portrait...)

Fine-art print on satin paper, or mounted on dibond
LIMITED EDITION OF 7 (40 x 50 cm)

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