Earlier work

An overview of different earlier series, such as "vision" and "perfection". 

The series “without a sound” revolves around the vastness andemptiness of a metropolis; the fact that being surrounded by millions can still result in loneliness. The single character that is consistently present amplifies the solitude, yet it is not solely desolation that is conveyed: despite the wide-angle shots, the photographs contain a certain introversion and vulnerability. Against a backdrop of soulless shells of immense proportion stands one person engaged with something trivial – a spool of tape, a piece of string – in an attempt to carve out a small space he might call his own.

Material varies per series. 

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Selected Works

SPECTATE!Project type

Pro temporeProject type


KPF, Londonexhibition

King's Collegeexhibition

Schatjes, A'damexhibition

DC Londonexhibition

without a soundProject type

Earlier workProject type

trivial; essentialProject type

I, the PhotographProject type

il faut que je soisProject type

Pro temporeProject type

Non-Human AgencyProject type

Pro temporeProject type

memoriesProject type