CRASSH, Cambridge

At the Centre of Research in Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH) in Cambridge, Verhallen presented his I, the Photograph series: all portraits were printed life-size and hung at eye-level to evoke a life-like impression. In front of each photograph there was a pair of headphones, which played the song that the subject in that photograph was listening to when the photo was taken. Three essays are presented: one describing the experience from the perspective of the subject, one describing the experience from the perspective of the photographer, and one describing the interpretation from a critic. The exhibition ran from January until end of March, 2014.

Fine-art prints mounted on greyboard. Sennheiser headphones connected to a central computer for sound. Essays printed and mounted on foam-core boards.

Selected Works

SPECTATE!Project type

Pro temporeProject type


KPF, Londonexhibition

King's Collegeexhibition

Schatjes, A'damexhibition

DC Londonexhibition

without a soundProject type

Earlier workProject type

trivial; essentialProject type

I, the PhotographProject type

il faut que je soisProject type

Pro temporeProject type

Non-Human AgencyProject type

Pro temporeProject type

memoriesProject type